Vespertine – Pure Dreams

This afternoon I spent more than an hour enjoying Vespertine on the Pure Dreams sim. It is the location for the mainstore Vespertine, where you will find wonderful items for home decoration!

Now, decorating is not my thing. I have decided to leave our home as it it, as I am getting too tired of wearing furniture, having my hair or hand replaced by a sofa or a sidetable….We have what we ‘need’ and that’s it! If you are into decorating..yeah, go see this place and get all the cute stuffs!

What I loved about this place is…well, how it looks! Gorgeous! It is in winter-theme, with a bit of snow, some Christmas trees and surrounded by dark cliffs and endless panoramic views over arctic-like mountains! Wonderful and enchanting! You can wander about and be amazed, or – after shopping – sit and relax in this delightful piece of nature.

Vespertine - Pure Dreams - IVespertine - Pure Dreams - II-1024Vespertine - Pure Dreams - III


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