Fruit Islands – Winterland

Back in 2008 I rented my first small tropical island on an estate called Fruit Islands. I was so proud and happy with my 768 sqm piece of paradise! The owners, Equinox and Dennis were very helpful and friendly and after a while I moved on to a bigger island..and then to half a sim! As things go I had to let go of my wonderful land, as I spent most of my time online on the battle-sim for our Samurai Clan and it made no sense to keep a residential island.

I have fond memories of Fruit Islands and every year, in December, I go back to visit their Winterland – which is open to all and not only for Fruit Island residents. This year it is once again: delightful!

A wonderful place to go ice-skating (rezzers and free skates available), make a sleighride or just find a nice spot to hang out, wander about and enjoy this Winterland. Oh, and there are Polar Bears! Always a plus!

Fruit Islands - Winterland - I Fruit Islands - Winterland - II

I have seen by now, and I do not mean this negative, A LOT of snowy sims. Seriously, if there is a Winter Wonderland…chances are I have been there. And I love it, the snow, the light, the ambiances. I do enjoy making serious landscape pictures of wide views, or small details. But sometimes there is no more room for seriousness in my head and that was why I was so excited to discover the playground here! (with poses for grown ups too!)

Fruit Islands - Winterland - III Fruit Islands - Winterland - IV

Just what this serious *cough* explorer needed to clear her head! On the playground is a café – terrace, so the grown-ups can have a coffee and be all…well, serious! Oh and did I mention there are Polar bears?!

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