Allied Forward Air Base – 1941 Tunisia

The Allied Forward Air Base – 1941 Tunisia, located on the WWII North sim, is a roleplay area using a specific combat system (MCE open beta). I could not find any rules or such about the roleplay, but when I visited it this morning it was all empty – giving me the time to look around and explore a bit! (as always, when entering a roleplay area I try to not disturb people in their play).

The sim is quite lovely for taking pictures, a desert with some buildings..lots of sandbags and bunkers and a deserted airstrip with some planes, surrounded by tents. The atmosphere seems like 1941 to me, but what do I know!? I spent an hour, exploring, and enjoyed it a lot – even though I am not into roleplaying wars or any other kind for that matter – as it is nicely detailed and you can see effort it put in to this! My blogpost may seem a bit shallow and lacking background information, but I admit 1) I could not find any and 2) I just needed a nice place to make pictures, as RL has been a bit busy..:).

Tunisia - I Tunisia - II Tunisia - III Tunisia - IV


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