Annwn Willows

[ A story still asleep. It dreams. ]

This is the description from Annwn Willows, a gorgeous sim I have had on my list to visit for ages and finally this morning I went there. The difference with most other sims is..this has a beautiful setting completely underwater, but not in the “mermaid” style, so you do not need to swim or sport a tail :). There are some builds above the water too, but I stayed on the ground. Next time I will explore the other heights, because I know I will go back!

It is beautifully decorated, less is more is obviously a motto, and a joy for photography! For the pictures in this blogpost I have used several windlights, instead of the regional one, and pushed up the ‘glow’ quite a bit to get a better ‘underwater effect’ – without photoshopping :).

(note: if you are not familiar with using ‘Glow”…remember to push it down when you go out of the water, on the ground it will blind you!)

Annwn Willow - I Annwn Willow - II Annwn Willow - III


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