2014: Bring it on!

My first blogpost in 2014 is not about a cool destination, nor fashion….Nope. I am very honoured and pleased to tell you about two exciting projects I will be part of, so a bit of ego-boosting for me!
I have never been asked to take part in enterprises like these, and never considered or consider myself a ‘photographer’ as such, but apparently my snapshots have gotten some attention and after some thoughts I decided to give it a go, because I just love taking pictures and both projects are also in theme and topic of what I love: art/performance and home-decoration.

Now let me tell you what it is all about!

Paradise Lost – by the Basilique Performing Arts Company:

Becky and Harvey have been working really hard on their next production, after the success of Romeo and Juliet, and in spring 2014 a new play will be performed, Paradise Lost. For more details and background information, please read Becky’s blogpost with the announcement! In the coming months while working on this play I will be making photos, as to ‘document’ the process and for ‘teasers’ to keep the public informed. I can tell you: it is going to be all kinds of awesome and amazing!

Paradise Lost Poster - by Canary Beck
Paradise Lost Poster – by Canary Beck

Love to Decorate – The Magazine

A few weeks ago Editorial Clarity, who I consider a home-decoration GURU, asked me to join his team for his new to release bi-monthly magazine on SL Home Decoration: Love to Decorate – The Magazine.
Now, those of you who know me..may laugh. Caity and home decoration! Caity who wears trees and sofa’s, who has to go to a sandbox to unpack clothes to prevent taking back the skyhome instead of the package to her inventory (again), Caity who drops photo-texures on her floors instead of rugs and who manages to delete the kitchen while she is only adjusting her elf-ears. Yes. Her.
The good thing is, I am not asked to decorate or touch stuff….Nooooo…I am going to visit people’s homes and take pictures of their houses, the rooms, the details…so I can admire their skills and do what I like: snap around!

autumn cottage
Ed and Rico’s Autumn Cottage, earlier in 2013

The first issue is scheduled to be published soon, I have no date yet but will keep you informed! More information about this wonderful project can be found on Editorial’s website.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Auryn Beorn says:

    Your work is always beautiful, I’m glad that you’re going to do this :-)

    1. Aw thanks Auryn :) It is very exciting all!

  2. owldragonash says:

    whoot – They both sound Like awesome Projects! How exciting to be asked and its easy to see why they would want you you do really great work! Right on way to take on 2014 Caity!

    1. Thank you Owl! I am looking forward to it all :))

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