Love Kats

No. I do not love cats. Now, don’t get all upset, you cat lovers out there, I do love all animals and even can appreciate and understand the existence of cats, but I am extremely allergic to them and they make me physically ill. Be assured, when you have that: you stop loving cats real quick.
Love Kats - I

Anyway! This post is not about cats but…LOVE KATS. A picturesque, Mediterranean (seriously, this is the only word I always need to spell-check!) town on the rocks, surrounded by serene beaches and sea.

Love Kats - III

KATS stands for ‘Knowledge Acquired Through Simulation’ and in the land information it says the place is for ‘immersive learning and educational experiences’. Now, the latter…I have not been able to figure out how and what you can find that there, but I did spent some hours exploring and enjoying this warm and sunny land! Great panoramic views and there are many spots with details to discover and for some romance there are intan dancepoles!

Love Kats - IV

Ooh..and the restaurant terrace…well, that just made my day: as if I was on Holiday in Italy, or France! Moar wine please!

Love Kats - II

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  1. This is so peaceful! Time for me to plan a little vakay! :D

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