Bakura – City of Salis D’aar/New Alderaan

Bakura – City of Salis D’aar/New Alderaan is a futuristic (or ancient…..) city on the Fourth Dimension. One of the welcome signs in this (mainland!) Roleplay sims says: May The Fourth Be With You..and that will give the clue on what kind of RP is played here, right?

It’s in immersive Star Wars RP sim, with several cities – which you can choose when in the OOC Landing Area. The sim is currently under construction but very much worth a visit, specially if you are a Star Wars fan!
Upon arrival you are handed a notecard with rules and the option to wear an OOC – Tag if you are just visiting. They do ask you to dress in theme, which makes perfect sense. The RP is not about re-playing the movies, but as they state: ‘Fourth Dimension is a SWRP (Star Wars Role-Play) sim set in the Post-Legacy era. The year is around 250 ABY, this is at least 100 years after any known canon event, this is to enable role-players the ability to create unique characters and plot-lines.”
You are also NOT allowed to dress up as a known movie-character, this is specifically mentioned. I suppose this could have something to do with Trademarks. I advise you, if you go visit, to take some minutes to read the rules, it will keep you out of trouble and they are not too complicated :)

Anyway! I changed into my alien mesh-avatar, put the tag on my head and off I went. I choose ‘Bakura’ in the teleporter because that was the only destination that had ‘materials enabled’ noted and I really wanted to see that!

Bakura - III
For my pictures in this post I used the region windlight, but made them a tad brighter as they turned out a bit too dark to show it on the web, when you are on location this is not the case. If you push up your graphics you will see the materials used, the reflection of the moon (?) light on the buildings is super!

Bakura - I

Bakura - VI
<3 !

There is so much to see…..I could have taken a thousand pics, seriously, but I will try to give a good impression in this post and will upload some more on flickr soon, when I have visited the other locations on the sim. Well that and…go see it!

Bakura - IV Bakura - V
Okay…one more and May The Fourth Be With You!

bakura - VII


4 Comments Add yours

  1. What a neat place! You are like Joan of Ark, a warrior, to me!

  2. Becky says:

    This looks amazing! I’m really keen to visit once I get a spare few minutes :) Beautiful photographs as always, lovely Caity.

    1. Harvey says:

      You took the words out of my mouth! Keen to visit this, and I think I might have the costume!

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