Every now and then….well, actually almost daily the past weeks, I receive LM’s from lovely people inviting me to come see their place, home, sim. I am always honoured and happy, because as a *cough* professional *cough* explorer I can never have too many places to discover! I admit, I do not blog about all of them, but I do check em out, always! And sometimes an LM gets lost in the dark, deep abyss that is called my inventory and sometimes I do not remember who gave it to me….so: MEA CULPA to all of you if I have forgotten, not mentioned and so on….Do keep em coming though!

A  few days ago I got a nice IM, to which I – oh horrible me! –  never responded, from Callum Winter (pavelromanov) who invited me to come see his sim: Jirina. It took me some days, but today I went to have a look. It turns out Jirina is also the home of a mainstore called {Dappers and Darlings}, which sells tooddleedoo clothes and accessoires for boys and girls. Not quite my thing, I have no experience whatsoever with toddleedoo’s, but the toddleedoo-shop was not the reason I was there, so I swiftly moved on and started exploring the place.

And. Oh. My. God. How incredibly lovely this is! I must say..the moment I saw the Castle on the rocks… I was sold. I mean. Look at it!!!
Jirina - II

Jirina - III

Besides this gorgeous Castle, there are paths in the woods and you will pass some sort of Hobbit-home – the store of ‘Thats so {KYOOT} a pond with a place to sit and relax – which I recommend, just to absorb the pretty environment and enjoy it. Callum told me he redecorates the place every 2-3 months, so I will for sure go back to check it out!

Jirini - I

Jirina - IV

Jirina - V


7 Comments Add yours

  1. So pretty! Great job!

    1. Taking pics at places like this is easy, because is is already beautiful !

      1. mine could never look so good, you have a photographer’s eye and an artist’s heart. :)

        1. Oh..you made me blush! :))

  2. Becky says:

    Wow. This is outstanding! What a lovely place to visit, and such excellent photos too – sometimes I wish I had a third life so I could spend it exploring :)

    1. Ooh I know, specially when I find several cool places in one week and don’t know where to go first!

  3. tippah says:

    Had to go have a look and its as beautiful as your photos…..simply stunning. Xx

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