Srs Corp.

Yesterday was a stormy Sunday – grey and rain and dull – so a perfect day for some exploring! I visited Srs Corp, a company creating and selling all kinds of guns, furniture, apparel, avatars and whatnot. I didn’t, as usual…, go for a shopping trip but was just tp’ing around the grid and was happy to end up here as the place is magnificent!

Srs Corp - I

It is not your average shop-building, Srs. Corp is a futuristic (cyberpunk) city – high in the sky –  with an urban feel and as far as I could see it has some material enabled builds. It’s great for exploring, taking pictures and wandering around as there are many details and all kinds of surprising views all over!

Srs Corp - II

Srs Corp - III

Srs Corp - IV

(Note: for some of my pictures for this blog I have de-rendered the shops vendors)


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Becky says:

    Looks amazing. I just love the city scape – what a great sense of place.

    /me stomps her feet!!! I want to explore again! (After the premier – must be patient :)

  2. /me stomps feet too! I just wanna have your understanding of windlights! :D

  3. Tem Haalan says:

    Looks great. Definitely going to visit. Thank you Cait!

  4. Thanks Becky and Cao, for the feet stomping..I am happy my blog triggers that! And Tem, I am sure you will enjoy it! :)

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