Celestial Dreams

What better way to start a new week with exploring a friendly, happy place? This afternoon I explored Celestial Dreams, a fantasy location, not specifically meant for roleplay but you can do that if you like. Flying is allowed but since the fun of exploring this lovely place is by foot…there are no teleporters :).

Celestial Dreams - I

Celestial Dreams is a formation of floating- and ground based (rock-like) islands and all are connected with bridges and paths. There is a wishing well in a ‘Stonehenge’ and once you get to the beach you can rezz a fairy boat to explore the rivers and caves. Yes, I really enjoy places like this!

Celestial Dreams - II

Celestial Dreams - III

Many secluded spots to sit and hang out and enjoy the view over the water and the mountain ranges that surround this sim. Very, very lovely and worth a visit!

Celestial Dreams - IV


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