When I saw the pictures on Flickr by Loverdag (her pics always make me drool a bit, so gorgeous!) of The Wetlands (Adult rated), I knew I had to pay this place a visit! Now, we have more than enough rain here in RL already, but for some reason I always enjoy it in SL…and there is lots of rain in The Wetlands!

Wetlands - IV

It’s also the private home of Concetta Curtiz, but I did not snoop around in her house, I just enjoyed the swamps and the lush green forests. I love how she has landscaped and decorated, with all that green – beware of the crocodiles though! – and you can even rezz a boat for a bumpy ride over the wild stream that meanders through the jungle.

Wetlands - III

Wetlands - II

Great for taking pictures and experiment with windlights and shadows, to make it either a nice sunny – but rainy – day or a bit more macabre and dark :).
Wetlands - I


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  1. Omgosh I am going to hang on to your coat tails and follow you around some day! You have the best Second Life ever Caity! :)

    1. LOL Cao, catch me if you can :P. But seriously, it is just a matter of tp’ing around, you can do it too!!

      1. hummph! I’d rather hang on your coat tails…

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