This afternoon I was searching for some Catcha Yardsales and to my surprise and delight I ended up on a lovely sim called SoCal, which stands for Southern California I found out.  SoCal is under construction, but already worth a visit as it has a gorgeous beach and some wonderful streets.

SoCal - IV

A nice escape to some virtual warmth and sun and a welcome change from running around as an Onion and chatting up chicks. Yes. Really. I do that in my spare time..

SoCal - I

SoCal - II

SoCal has residental homes for rent and shops, but all seemed still empty and I got so distracted by taking pics on the beach I totally forgot about the Gatcha Yardsale, so I have to go back soon. If not for the yardsale than at least to see how the construction is going!

SoCal - III


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  1. Lovely going to check it out tonight!

  2. :O these look like paintings! <3

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