Insanity – by Cherry Manga

This morning I visited Cherry Manga’s latest art installion on MetaLES: Insanity.
A beautiful piece of art, yet it can be quite disturbing. It represents what is going on in the mind of a person suffering mental illnes, so visitors are confronted with confusion, paranoia, fear and delusions.  However, do not let this serious topic keep you from visiting this impressive installation – and do take the time to explore as there are many details to discover.

Insanity - I

I have used the regional windlight settings for my pictures, which suits the textures and sculptures wonderfully!
If you want to read more detailed information and some background, I recommend you read Ziki‘s blogpost on Insanity and a more indepth piece by Thirza Ember!

Insanity - II

Insanity - III

Insanity - IV

Cherry also made a video, which is certainly worth viewing!


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  1. This is amazing! I am overrun by family this weekend, but I still want to do that shoot! Can we ranches to next weekend? I hope yours is wonderful too! :D

    1. Next weekend is fine! :))

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