Around The Grid in 80 Teleports

Although the title of this post suggests I have been exploring today, I have to admit: I have not. It has to do with Berry’s Monday Meme, which is a photo-challenge: create a bookcover with your avatar in fiction, of an existing or non-existing book.

Of course I opted for a travelguide, which is usually non-fiction, but since it’s about Second Life, I think it is fiction! Does this makes sense? It does to me..

Around The Grid

I love travel guides in RL and have lots of them, though nowadays I hardly use them anymore: there is a app for almost all destinations and well, it saves kilo’s in luggage…The are still nice to go through on a rainy Sunday afternoon, so I will keep my collection for that :).

The picture for this bookcover I shot on Tierra de  Fuego, an airport about which I blogged a while back.
My outfit…let me put it this way: I am wearing a terrible mix of really old, old and some new stuff, from various outfits, events and designers so a list would be endless, you have to forgive me the lack of credits but if there is something you want to know, just leave me a message in comments or inworld and I will look it up!


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