Celebrity Hangout, Easter style

So. I am having a bit of ‘the Meh’ this week. Since Sunday my machine decided to hate Firestorm, something I have had with a previous release last year as well: I cannot take high resolution pics when in high or ultra graphics. The moment I hit the snapshot button I crash, with the lovely notification my Nvidia does not meet the requirements.
(In case you wonder, I have the Nvidia Geforce GTX 550, and it may not be the latest but  it certainly should be good enough and yes, all drivers are up to date!). Anyway. Annoying.

Easter - IV

I installed the official LL Viewer, which I do not mind at all, the only reason I use Firestorm is for the phototools-menu. Copied over all my windlights and re-arranged the buttons to my preference. Because: when in LL Viewer I can make my high res pics, walk around in Ultra and no crashing, no warnings about my Nvidia. Hence, the Meh!

Easter - III

While moaning and whining to myself about the loss of my precious phototools, I stood in a rather happy and cheerful place! Celebrity Hangout, a family and couples orientated sim, completely decorated for Easter and it looks lovely! A cute spot for photoshoots, or hang out (am unsure about the celebrities you can supposedly meet..), there are boats, bikes and horses and plenty of corners to relax.

Easter - II

So I relaxed. And enjoyed the happy bunnies and bears, till the Meh slowly disappeared.


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    1. It’s a lovely sim Cao, really nice for pics :)

  1. liat Reina says:

    I feel your pain Cait! I recently experienced the same problem with Firestorm deciding to hate on my Nvidia graphics card. It was a nightmare and got me so down, especially as I was midway through my photography courses with Visionaire. I eventually gave in and upgraded to a new card as it was good a reason as any since my old card was a few years old. I’m glad the bunnies could cheer you up and thank you for sharing your hard won pictures.

    1. Hi Liat, yeah..well, my machine is just over two years old and the Nvidia card is really good enough, I have had this issue with some releases of FS before, so maybe a next update/release will work again, I have no idea what causes it – as it worked fine for weeks after latest update.
      I am over it now, I use LL Viewer for pics, it’s not bad (in fact, I always have the idea the LL Viewer makes sharper images, more..crisp..but meh: no phototools menu…). I am considering a new pc within a couple of months, so for now I am good!

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