Red shoes and an old friend

The Second Life Friends List is the topic of Strawberry’s Monday Meme this week, and I have been given it quite some thought. The meme AND my friends-list both.
My ‘friends’ list inworld is short, I have 34 people on it – 3 of them being my own alts, lol – and I like it that way. It’s personal of course, I know people with over a hundred or maybe even over a couple of hundred names on their list. For me that would not make sense and I would go nuts by the notifications of people going on- and offline. Yes, I know you can switch that off, but I do want to see my actual friends coming or going and since there is no option (yet) to group or filter the inworld list I just keep my list short. (I would prefer to call it : ‘contact list’, and in an ideal world you should be able to create groups in it e.g. Friends, Acquaintances, Creators, Event Organizers and what not.)

So I keep my list short and manageable. Actually, I have people I consider friends and with whom I talk to regularly but they are not on my list! We just know how to find each-other, it is not that difficult :).

So, for the meme..I am not going to answer all the questions as it involves naming, prioritizing and in my experience this never works out well. There is always someone feeling left out or offended and I do not want to cause any doubts. Let’s say I do not need to be on a list or have someone on a list to count them as a friend!

Red Shoes and and Old Friend - I

For this post though, I asked an old friend to pose for some pics with me. A friend I met 6 0r 7 years ago when I was an SL Mentor and spending most of my time in Waterhead. We used to chat and hang out there and one of the running jokes was that I always wore red shoes. ALWAYS. And he would always make comments, sometimes even a compliment, about them.

Red Shoes and and Old Friend - II

We lost contact, it happens, and this year – after at least 6 years, we ran into each-other again, on Flickr. Following each-others pics and so came the idea to meet up inworld this week for a picture with…my red shoes. It was fun to meet and to chat while posing , the red shoes are now mesh and do not have bling…our avatars are quite different than 7 years ago (OMG, Cooper what happened to you!!!),  but the rest didn’t change really. Just shows, you don’t need to be on each-others list for 7 yrs to still be friends.

Thanks Cooper err….Coobs (Coober Calicia) for your patience during the photoshoot and for the chat!


* Pose : Solid by oOo Studio


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  1. This is a wonderful post, and I appreciate the note about how we can be friends without being on one another’s lists. So true, but I hadn’t really thought about it that way before.
    A great photo – and story to go with! I would love to know where Coober got those clothes and things. I know someone who would really like those – or some like them, perhaps from the same creator. I might have to IM him to congratulate him on doing this post with you AND to ask him about his clothes. Do you think he would mind?
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you Mireile :). I have no idea where Coober got his outfits from, but I am sure he would not mind if you ask him directly!

  2. Your second photo in particular is amazing!

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