For Ever

Second Life is usually all fun and games. And then, last night it all of a sudden wasn’t.
Just before  I went to bed,  I checked twitter for a last time and I could not believe Daniel Voyager’s tweet about the passing of Ever Dreamscape. Soon to be followed by his blogpost and a blogpost of Uccello Poultry, which confirmed the sad news. It made my heart hurt.

I was not a close friend of Ever, but I have had the privilege to have known her and she has made me smile (well, actually she made me laugh so hard I think I may have broken some ribs …) so often. She was quite some special lady and she will be missed by all of those she graced with her presence, her wonderful sense of humour and her endless energy, I am sure.

Words fail me, and my heart goes out to her son, her family and friends in both RL and SL in these difficult times.

For Ever, who will surely light some fires up there :)

For Ever





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