Romeo + Juliet 2.0

I guess I am back!
Was I gone? Not really, but the past week and a half (and maybe, in hindsight a bit before that already) I have been miserable and dealing with an ear-, throat- and sinus infection of (for me, not used to much..) epic proportions. I got antibiotics, painkillers and nose-spray and whatnot and the whole thing reduced my attention span to ‘oh look, shiny…’ and my energy level to a point where even changing an outfit in SL was too much effort…

So. I missed and almost missed quite some exciting things and events while hanging about and since this weekend I felt all nervous about that..Odd isn’t it? This morning I decided to shrug off the guilty feeling of not having blogged about some cool stuff..and I will just blog – even in this case it is about a missed chance from my part….

The Romeo + Juliet Experience - III
“Someone” is a bit late to the party….

Romeo + Juliet, the magnificent play by the Basilique Performance Art Company will return to Second Life! At the moment there is an installation on LEA14, a wonderful location displaying the scenes and locations in which Romeo and Juliet takes place – a gorgeous landscaped environment with the Basilique Playhouse on top of a mountain.

The Romeo + Juliet Experience - I

Sadly, as described above, I missed the three performances that have taken place, but in August a new season will start and then I will make sure not to miss it!
As Becky described in her blogpost, the play is mastered up using techniques from Paradise Lost. I really cannot wait!

The Romeo + Juliet Experience - II

The Romeo + Juliet Experience - IV

For now….the LEA sim is very much worth a visit, to stroll around and take pictures and get immersed in the world of Romeo and Juliet, even though they are not there.

For more information and to keep an eye on the new dates, I recommend bookmarking the Basilique blog!

(The avatar I am wearing on the pic is the free SL11B Avatar by LL and available on MP here.)


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  1. looking forward to seeing a performance here. Lovely photos!

    1. Thank you Dune Mouse! The place is gorgeous! As for the performance, best to keep an eye on the Basilique blog, for dates and places!

  2. Becky says:

    Reblogged this on Basilique.

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