Noble goes Dutch – De Vesting

Upon logging in I received a notecard from the Noble-family, announcing the re-vamping of their home sim into : Noble goes Dutch – De Vesting.

“De Vesting” is Dutch for “Fortress” and in The Netherlands we have several, well preserved fortresses with characteristic, picturesque, streets and surroundings – often with a wall surrounding the village. A nice, touristic, example would be Bourtange in the North of Holland.
Anyway, me being Dutch ..was of course all curious and so I travelled to Noble! And …wow! It is indeed very Dutch. Not only the streets and houses (I saw a lot of Dutchie’s buildings, including my own home!) but also the surrounding fields with windmill, tulips fields and the modern wind-turbines one will find almost everywhere in our country.
Noble Goes Dutch  - De Vesting - II

Noble Goes Dutch - De Vesting - I
Noble Goes Dutch - De Vesting - III

Noble Goes Dutch - De Vesting - IV

If you have never been to The Netherlands and think we only have Amsterdam and its canals…..go visit Noble and see the other, country-side of our lovely small country. The Nobles really did an awesome job and it absolutely gives a nice idea on how we, in the low lands, live :)
(If you want to rezz props for pics, you need to join the land group, which you can do on the landingpoint!)



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  1. PS netherlands of course!! :)

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