Herd of the Wind – UPDATED

Update of this post, on 8 July 2014, after I checked to place today for some more pictures I discovered it was no longer available. I have spoken to Mz Marville, the sim owner and this is what she said:

” The Herdland sim was intended to be a landscaping and roleplay exhibition of western life. Since it is not a permanent establishment, we hope that the concept was about to inspire and touch visitors” .

It was indeed a lovely place and it did touch and inspire, but it goes how it goes in Second Life, and I thank Mz Marville for having this place for all of us to enjoy, even though it was a single visit in my case!


While I have been exploring quite a bit, took loads and loads of pictures AND have some topics lined up for my blog….for all kind of reasons I could not get myself to actually open the dashboard and hit the ‘new post’ button.
It is summer here in Holland and the weather is lovely, the World Cup in Brasil is going on and I find myself watching matches a lot, they have been in my evenings from 6PM and so on – hence…a bit less SL time, but very much worth watching so far as I am enjoying it a lot.
No…you may think I particularly love to watch Holland play? Truth is….it freaks me out, I get so nervous (nerves start hours and hours in advance) and when I sit on the sofa watching ‘Orange’ play, I just want to hide? It is like watching horror-movies, with one hand covering your eyes and then still peeking through the fingers?

Herd of the Wind - I

The other day I went to explore Herd of the Wind, a lovely, tranquil and friendly location. Upon the landingpoint you get a notecard with rules and to be able to explore the sim you need to join the group (free of charge, so that’s no issue).

Herd of the Wind * A place to be you* is, as their introduction/rules note says:

‘Herd of the Wind is  a not for profit, close knit PG family friendly community of close to 500 spanning 3 groups, made up by people, animal avatars, furries, and anything in between. We are welcoming to any friendly face and do not discriminate based on what kind of avatars you wear. Though we are 1900-1960 themed with many of us in period wear and encourage you to do the same – we do NOT impose a themed dress code, we only asking that everyone wear PG attire.  There may be children upon our sim at any given moment and we wish to provide a comfortable place for every family member.’

Herd of the Wind - II

Simples, right? I joined the group, obviously, and I find the place delightful and lovely. A perfect spot for pictures, hanging about and enjoying the view.Once you join the group and enter the sim, you can also rez objects – mainly done to cater to visitors who love to travel by horse (which you need to rez), but it also means you can rez some props for pics (clean up after you are done though!).

Herd of the Wind - III

A sweet destination and worth a visit!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Becky says:

    Looks like a lovely place. I’d love any sim that offers realistic natural environment experiences – so I’ll definitely be looking at this!

  2. the first photo is so realistic. Oh -and, go Holland!!!!

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