SL11B – Happy Birthday to Second Life

Yeah, I am a tad late to the party as the official Birthday of Second Life was on 23 June, but that doesn’t mean I did not visit the eleven sims of SL11B! I have bene to quite a few and as every year it’s wonderful to see the creations and builds made by residents. Also, lots and lots of parties going on!

This years theme is “The empires of the future, are the empires of the mind” by Winston Churchill. The event runs through until 29th June 2014, so you got time to explore and party!

Sanctuary - SL11B Wonderous - I
Sanctuary – on SL11B Wonderous


For all kinds of background, the history of the SLxxB’s, maps and SLURL’s I recommend Daniel Voyager’s blog, since he has documented it all already! (Noooo, I am not lazy, he just did a great job and why should I copy it?!)

DJ Stage - SL11B - Impressive - II
DJ Stage on SL11B Impressive

SL11B is huge, there is so much to see and, a reason why I couldnt get myself to blog: so hard to choose pictures to use…So, it is best if you go see for yourself and enjoy the festivities!

DJ Stage - SL11B - Impressive - I

Also, do not forget to pick up the free, celebratory Robot Avatar on Marketplace, this is (like the Bear last year) a limited edition and will soon disappear…!

SL11B - free LL Avatar


2 Comments Add yours

  1. wow! so interesting!! nice shots!!

  2. duchessflux says:

    I’ve seen many images of this and yours just took my breath away :)

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