Canadian Wilderness

Admitting, I have never been to Canada in Real Life, the closest I have been there was road trip in the USA Rocky Mountains including Yellowstone NP and up.
So when I visited Canadian Wilderness in Second Life this evening, I think it matched my…..expectations. Mountain ranges around, green forests and wildlife.

Canadian Wilderness - I

You can rezz your own horse and go explore via the horse trail, or just wander around. Allover are secluded spots with intan-couple dances, which makes it a nice destination for a romantic date as well. Oh and you can fish the 7Sea’s, do a balloon-tour or what you want! I just enjoyed the view and the details, as it is also a wonderful location for taking pictures and just….relax!


Canadian Wilderness - II

Canadian Wilderness - III


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  1. I’m from Canada! Moose and cougar country lol. I love the last pic. So ethereal!

  2. Becky says:

    Thanks for the tip, I’m there now exploring it. I’d say it has some aspects of Canada right, but it feels a bit like a Disney-fied version of the real thing. Your pictures do a great job of capturing the nice bits, but the sim is a bit like every Canadian natural icon rolled-up and laid out like a yard sale into a small space – I don’t know… the Canadian Wilderness doesn’t look like that. It’s way more woodsy, way less convenient. This is more like a theme park somewhere, made to look like the Canada we know about only in glossy travel brochures. Makes me feel like doing it better though… :)

    1. Hiya Becky! It is always weird to go to your ‘home country’ in SL, right? The only correct, and really striking, version I have seen of Holland is Noble’s De Vesting. All others were nice tries and certainly built with love, but not :). I can imagine you had that with this Canada sim. I went back the other day and notices a whole field of sorts with breedable stuff, haha, I never noticed that the first time! Still a nice place for some pretty pictures and maybe I should just go visit Canada in RL :)

    2. Also the Canadian wilderness has lots of mosquitoes and other biting insects … but no, I’m not suggesting that these pesky critters be added to a Second Life SIM!! ^^

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