Stand4Love – 2014

The past 3 years I have participated in the wonderful ‘Stand4Love’ campaign, organised by Editorial Clarity and Rico Mar, to raise awareness that it is still unbelievable not all countries, and humans for that matter, accept same-sex marriages and other forms of relationships (besides traditional man-woman).

It’s sad we still need to fight for the right to spend our live with the one(s) we love, so I am always happy to support the Stand4Love campaign.
How do you participate? It is quite simple!

On the official stand4love website you will find the full explanation, but is basically comes down to downloading their official logo from the site, make a picture of yourself in SL (with a black or a white background) and create an image of you, the logo, a statement/text/quote you find important and fits the cause and upload an 1024 x 1024 version in the Flickr Group, or if you are not on Flickr you can email it to Edi and Rico (all adresses and how-to’s on the website!. Your picture will then be included in the Gallery.

This is my contribution for this year:

Stand4Love - 2014

Also, if you wish to participate but are unable to create an image or photo, for this campaign I am available to do that for you – just give me a shout. I am not the only photographer offering this, you can also of course ask someone else, the list of volunteers here!


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