A return to The Cornfield, but not quite!

This week LL announced their latest feature in SL: ‘ Experience Keys‘. Rather technical and I guess a big step for game developpers in Second Life. I am not a techy and I am not a gamer, so after reading the official announcement..it went way over my head. Yes, lets not forget the only game I am sort of succesful in is Candy Crush on Facebook, so I rest my case. I am not into games in SL.

However, I am very much into seeing what other people create and am always eager to try stuff out. So I went to the brandnew Portal Park and it was a nice surprise. The portal park is a ..well..park…with pretty trees and flowers and on the outside 0f the circle square you will find the ‘portals’ to : social, the wilderness and so on..and: the Corn Field!

Portal Park to the Cornfield - I

It was busy when I got there, which is a good thing, so after everything rezzed for me I choose the Corn Field portal, as I was curious about the Experience Keys they have used in there. I, for one, have always enjoyed the Corn Field when it was open during Halloween – sadly I am with my 7 years in SL  too young to remember the real meaning and purpose of the Corn Field.

Portal Park to the Cornfield - II

I arrived at some sort of field, with a barn and a tractor (and many, many other residents) and the actual Portal to the Corn Field is in the barn. When I clicked on the portal I got a pop – up, asking me permission to allow them to do my avatar..stuff. Being a non-gamer and being so confident LL would not embarrass me, I of course clicked YES!

portal cornfield

Portal Park to the Cornfield - III

So, I got teleported and upon rezzing it turned out I was kitted out with a basket on my back and a wooden plank with rusty nails in my hand, and a HUD showing me how many lives I had. OK……..but…but…I don’t like gaming and I don’t like all this? Nothing to worry, you end up next to the barn and it seems the real ‘game’ only starts for you when you enter the actual Corn Field.

Portal Park to the Cornfield - IV

I did not play the game, I was a coward and just stood there with my basket and plank and took pics of the Corn Field.

Portal Park to the Cornfield - V

If you are into games though, I think this is cool!

For more, have a few minutes and watch the official video on Experience Keys!



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