Matoluta Sanctuary

This morning I visited and explored a new and delightful new location: Matoluta Sanctuary, which will have its opening to the public later today, at 10AM SLT.
Matoluta Sanctuary is meant for horse-roleplay, and an important part is also to create awareness about the Spanish Colonial Horse, as explained in the welcome notecard:

‘ The goal of Matoluta Sanctuary is to raise awareness for the Spanish colonial horse. Originally bred by the Spanish approximately 400 years ago, these horses are now facing extinction. They no longer live in Spain, as they were bred by the conquistadors. Later, they became the original horses of the Native Americans. In the 1700’s they were the most popular horse on the continent.The sanctuary hopes to educate visitors about the importance of conserving the homeland of these beautiful horses in present day Oklahoma.’

Matoluta Sanctuary - I

Upon landing, in a gorgeous canyon, you will be offered a notecard with rules, which you can also find on the Matoluta website. The sim will be free to visit for a week, operation hours 10am – 8pm slt, and after that one needs to join the group for a small fee (250LS) for normal access and if you want rezz rights it will be 500LS. Execptions are bloggers and established photographers, they can request free access.

Matoluta Sanctuary - II

It is very much worth a visit, for exploring as a human or of course if you are a horse!, to wander around or for taking pictures! There is a photo-contest on Flickr for those who enjoy contests.

Matoluta Sanctuary - III


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