That’s Italy by Mexi Lane

Last night, just before I wanted to log off and go to bed, I saw new pictures on Flickr posted by Mexi Lane of her latest art installation on MIC : That’s Italy. Enough to pospone bedtime and TP over to have a look!

That’s Italy is not so much about the country Italy, but ‘Italy’ is the name of a rusty container ship, which seems to have ended on the rocks and lost most of its cargo – containers and rubbish floating in the water around it. On the ship are the little houses Mexi has used in her previous works.

That's Italy - I

You can tour around the ship by using one of the hovercrafts, which is a lovely way to explore this build!

That's Italy - IV

Maybe there is a deeper meaning behind this work, but Mexi leaves that up to the visitors. In her notecard she merely explains how she created this, by re-texturing objects and putting them together.
That's  Italy - II

That's Italy - III


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