White Dune Estates – Swan Island

The coming months I will probably not blog as often as I did, at least not daily. Not for bad or sad reasons! No no….I have started a 2 months education/training/course and will be to ‘school’ and will have lots of homework to do – soooo…that means a bit less time for Second Life or at least not so much time for blogging. I will continue to explore though (and blog!), I love it too much!

Like tonight, after my first full day training session I got home and was dead tired,…but I needed something to calm down, let my brain rest a bit while disgesting all the new learned stuffs and that is when SL comes in as a wonderful place to escape.

I had read on Owl Dragonash’ blog, a few days ago, about her visit to Swan Island and her pictures were so lovely I decided to follow her and go see it.

White Dune Estate - Swan Island - III

Swan Island is part of White Dune Estates and owned and landscaped by Elvira Kytori. As this is a residential location as well, one is welcome to visit but requested to respect the private homes. I did not go to rented parcels, but stayed in the public area.

White Dune Estate - Swan Island - II

A lovely place, delicately decorated beachy place with swans…and with the right sunset: A perfect end of my busy day!
White Dune Estate - Swan Island - I


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  1. owldragonash says:

    Yay so glad you went! The lighting you chose for your photos is wonderful! Thank you for the mention very nice of you : )

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