Sleepy Sands

If you are looking for a sunny, happy, place to brighten up your day or mood, than Sleepy Sands is the place to go!

Thanks to my friend Cooper, who showed me this lovely tropical paradise, I explored Sleepy Sands, which is the home of Pinkrayne and Sammmyboy and also the home of Pink’s mainstore ‘HOLY SHIrT’.

Sleepy Sands - III

There are all kind of small islands, surrounded by a blue lagoon and there is lots of furniture and decor to sit/pose on, making it an excellent destination for either chilling out or for photoshoots! (if you want to rezz your own props, you need to join the shop’s group – it will allow you to rezz!).

Sleepy Sands - II

I spent some time looking around, in a bit of sunset-mood, and will surely go back for more!
Sleepy Sands - I


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  1. PinkRayne says:

    Wonderful write up and photos Caity, tysm for dropping by, means the world to me! I think it will forever be my work in progress!

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