Flanagan Falls

This morning I had a lovely time exploring Flanagan Falls. A residential sim, one can rent homes – which I skipped zooming in – but everyone is welcome to visit and enjoy this green, rainy, forest with waterfalls and beautiful paths. If you take the time you will also spot some wildlife (although I am a bit unsure if a bear is actually Irish – the sim is supposed to be Ireland)!
Flanagan Falls - I

Flanagan Falls - II

It is wonderful to take pictures and playing with windlights, shadows and all that, and that is what I did ..well, it is Monday  and I had just gotten home from another dentist appointment and..err…do I need excuses to go to nice places? Nah!

Flanagan Falls - III

Flanagan Falls - IV

Wishing y0u all a great week and…go visit Flanagan Falls!



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