A second blog on ‘creating’, my last one I promise…Next week I will do some serious exploring again!  I just have had too much fun making some more poses and pictures, a welcome distraction in between RL classes and long days of homework!

A few days ago, Coober got the Solaris Avatar from Fallen Gods Inc, and since I already had the female version he suggested we would do a picture together. Coober came up with an idea for a pose that he had in mind and he built a set, while I made the poses for us. A real joined artistic effort!

Pastorale – my version

Coobs had a different idea of course, that is why doing this together is so lovely as the endresults are both amazing and both so different!

midas touch
Midas Touch – by Coobs on Flickr


While posing, and seeing us as God and Goddess of the sun, I could not help but hearing an epic Dutch song in my head (Pastorale by Liesbeth List and Ramses Shaffy – 1969) and looked it up on youtube to listen. Not only do I love the dramatic music, but the lyrics are amazing – the use of language makes this song a true poem.
The song is a conversation between the Sun (the man) and the Earth (the lady), she loves him and he is quite arrogant and telling her it is impossible to love the sun. Since it is in Dutch I realise it won’t make much sense for non-Dutch speakers, so I gave it a try and translated it into English – although that doesn’t do the actual play of words and poetry justice (I am not a poet nor a writer..), but just to give a general idea, combined with the music.


(He, the Sun)
My skies blue, with golden hallways
My towers of clouds, ice crystals
Comets, moons and planets, aahh everything evolves around me
And through the white ports of  clouds, till deep below the waves
Penetrates my fire, my love, itself in the earth
And at the seaside a child is playing
And every seashell it collects, will shine when I smile
(She, the Earth)
love your warmth on my face
I love the copper colours of your light
I give you water from my hand
And sheahells from the salty sand
I love you so, I love you so much
I tear the rocks apart with my beams
Rise the lakes and the valleys and
Thunderstorms I chase away, aaahhh when the rain falls down
Hide your eyes in my hand
Before my smile will burn them
My fire, my love, my golden eyes
It’s best that you should wait a while
Because in a moment the night will fall and the cool moon will shine

The night is too cold, the moon too gray
Please take me with you to your heavenly palace
I want to be there, just with you
And glow in the skies so blue
I love you so, I love you so much

When I warm the earth
I let her live in my arms
Of the stars I weave the far away, ahh, the northern ligth
But sometimes I am like boiling lead
I am life and I am death
In fire, in love, in all times
My child, I ask you, look up to above
Today I will create a rainbow
Specially for you
(Sun and Earth:)
I never stop thinking for a second
I’d rather burn, please take me with you
No human can force me whan I dont want to
And when you go to sleep in sea tonight
And fly across you milkey way
You cannot love the sun
I do not ever want to leave you

I love you so, so much




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