L’Arc en Ciel

Yesterday was a true lazy Sunday. Perfect for some exploring in SL, the convenience of sitting at home with fresh coffee and travelling across the grid never bores me!

I visited one of my favourite locations, about which I have not blogged yet (I have no idea why not!!), and had my own way of fun in taking pictures – this time only direct uploads: so endless fiddling with windlights and choosing some of the filters the LL Viewer offeres before uploading to Flickr.

L’Arc en Ciel is a gorgeous sim, rural with farmlands and some cattle, a rainy corner with a motel of dubious reputation, and the first snowflakes are already falling on the orange autumn leaves..winter is surely on its way. As said, a perfect place to explore and wander around and for taking pictures, these are the (raw) ones I took yesterday, but I am sure I will be spending more time there to explore the rest, there is so much to see and to enjoy!
First snow!



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