Without knowing how or why (I must have gotten the LM from somewhere or someone even!) I ended up in Xin. Xin has no description in the land information and I found myself in a deserted, but very clean city, situated in a globe in the sky…
There is a small store, with gacha-machines and for the rest it is ..well…a deserted, clean, city!

I blog about it because this is one of those small, but lovely photogenic places that you encounter every now and then. Just sweet and nice for photoshoots (due to it being in a globe it’s a bit tricky with shadows) and wondering what happened to this place and where everybody has gone…..

Err…did I see something in the train..?!


Xin - I

Xin - III

Xin - II


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  1. I like how these are processed- at least I think they are?

    1. The images? No, the only thing I did was brighten them up a tad, as it is in a globe it is a bit tricky to play with lights inworld, but other than make them slightly brighter for the web they are not processed.. It is the effect of the Globe and windlight

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