Phoenix One Station

A few days ago I browsed the Destination Guide for some new places to explore and ‘Phoenix One Station‘ (Adult) caught my attention. Not that I am huge SciFi fan or roleplayer, but the build looked interesting – so I there I went.

Upon arrival one get get some notecards with rules, as this is an RP place I would recommend you read them, to not interrupt or interfere other peoples play, and found some SciFi – ish outfit in my inventory to continue my exploring. I zoomed out to see where I had landed in and got blown away…the size of this space station is almost overwhelming! Its a sim-big building-station-ship….thing!

Phoenix One Station - I
(this image is slightly processed, to make it brighter and show the building better due to its size)


I wandered around a bit, quite enjoying the environment and ended up in the Medical Lab…where I got myself scanned..and then I went to the Alien Lab. Meanwhile my presence was noticed by Zach Adama (Altreus.Rexen) – the Commander, owner and builder of this wonderful place and he kindly pointed me to their website for more information about the roleplay and pictures. He told me he had build this himself, more details on the build is to be found on the website too – for those interested.

Phoenix One Station - III
Phoenix One Station - II

Phoenix One Station - IV
For measures….I am in this picture!!

I spent quite some timewalking around, got lost allover the place but enjoyed it very much, as I always appreciate nicely build places!


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