[ Euphoria ] Low saturation dull deposit

The title of this blogpost is the name of a Windlight-setting, one I have picked to show how I edit wind-lights to my liking, after I was challenged to show off my favourite windlight. I do not have a favourite though, I tend to edit all sorts of windlights into something completely different and they are hardly the same on any picture, although some may resemble each-other.

After some thinking and pondering I decided to turn this challenge into a mini-tutorial on how I usually play around for let’s say: a portrait of myself! I never use studio’s or any prim-background for portraits, I prefer to play in the outdoors and always either stand in a sandbox – with nothing behind me – or in some ocean, with my back to the open sea, allowing me to use the sun and moon and whatever to create the shadows and light I want.

For this portrait I stood in the sea, hehe, and my first step is – I am skipping the styling and all that – is to push up the graphics to ultra, but no dept of field in this case.
(note: you can click on the images in this post to get the larger version, also keep in mind I am using the official LL Viewer so for other viewers the menus may look different!).

WL - I
Graphics to Ultra and in Hardware settings: Antialiasing to the maximum to prevent ugly edges

Then I go to the, for this blog post, windlight-setting [EUPHORIA] low saturation dull deposit, in the sky edit menu:

The default [EUPHORIA] low saturation dull deposit
This setting, without any editing makes me look like this:

Euphoria default setting

Nice…but not what I had in mind, so time to play with the sliders in the edit Sky Preset – menu!

I use the three tabs to play around: Atmosphere, Lighting and Clouds

In ‘Lighting’ (I always start with that one), I choose another Sun/Moon colour, today I made it orange (okay, I do that often, I just love orange..) and set removed the stars by sliding the Star Brightness all the way to the left, positioned the Sun/Moon to somewhere after 12PM and played wit the East Angle to get the right light on my face. And last but not least I upped the Scene Gamma a tad, to make it all a bit brighter:


Then in ‘Atmosphere’ I pushed up the Haze Horizon, Haze Density and the Max Altitude and Distance Multiplier till I found the desired effects (you will see the changes when you start using the sliders), like this:


Last but not least, although happy with the colours and shadows, I went to the ‘Clouds’ tab and locked the clouds, making them static as I like them for the pictures background, this saves a lot of waiting for the perfect cloud and endless snapping till you get them when you use a windlight that has moving clouds:

WL - V

The endresult of my playing as above is this portrait, not photoshopped (I only cropped it and added my signature):

Euphoria edited wl
Orange FTW!


You can do all this with any wind-light of your choosing, and you can choose to save them as well, something I never do…because: lazy and I edit them all the time anyway :).

Happy experimenting!

* Hair – +Elua+ Hollis 1 @ The Chapter Four
* Dress – AMITOMO Turtleneck dress @ The Chapter Four
* Ears – Mandala Seasons5 ears, Elf



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for sharing this!

  2. owldragonash says:

    I Love the peeks you share into how you do the things you do. Great wl you modded it into !

  3. girlforgetful says:

    I’ve just begun to look into windlight. There are tons of links to download different settings on the Secondlife Wiki – do you recommend doing that or did you obtain yours some other way?

    1. Hello Girlforgetful, I got most of my windlights indeed from the wiki, some from bloggers as Strawberry Singh and a lot from other viewers (I simply installed FS and Black Dragon, copied their windlights to my own folder and imported them in the LL Viewer, same way as described in Wiki and then removed the viewers again – never use them…ahem..).

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