Sleepy Hollow

If you not in the mood for more snow, need a place with no ‘love is in the air – red balloons and romance’ and some place where certainly ‘Spring has NOT sprung’ (Oops, can you tell I am already tired of those terms and it is not even Valentine or Spring yet!) ..I can recommend a lovely green, somewhat dark, lush forest : Sleepy Hollow.
It may seem a bit Halloween-like, but without the decorations and pumpkins and what I like about places like this, it the endless variety you can use with windlights and shadows in between the trees!
Sleepy Hollow - I

Sleepy Hollow - II

Sleepy Hollow - III

Sleepy Hollow is also the home of Dimma, a shop selling poses, decor and some skyboxes/treehouses up in their globe in the sky. On groundlevel you can wander around in the deep woods…or just sit and play the harp :).
Sleepy Hollow - IV



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