Light thoughts

Although my own thoughts are not exactly ‘light’  at the moment, this post isn’t about my thoughts – light or not.

After Owl gave me a landmark to LEA 15 – and urged me to go see the installation by Mario2 Hellstein called ‘Light Thoughts‘ I paid it a visit today.

Light thoughts - I
Installation in the sky, when using the teleporter

Light Toughts is, as the parcel description says: ‘This sim is filled with innovative lighting and mesh effects.
The purpose of this sim is to be a fun place, with regular shows and events’ and even though there was no event going on (I was alone on the sim, but that could be timezone), I found it an EPIC experience!

On the groundlevel are a lot of artworks, maybe a bit too much, and all are shine and glowing and giving light. There are teleporters to bring you to other levels and that is absolutely a must when you go visit, as to experience the whole thing. Light! Bright! EPIC!

Light thoughts - III
Helicopter view of groundlevel


I could not find a more detailed description, other than the parcel info, but in cases like this I just enjoy the colours and shine and moving of the lights. Great for an hour of immersing in a completely different world!
Light thoughts - II

(my images in this post are not post processed, I used a darker windlight and played with the colour of the sun and moon to make it a bit more blue)


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  1. owldragonash says:

    Very Cool So glad you made it there : )

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