Ruins – by Cica Ghost

To my delight Cica Ghost has a new sim, which will officially open today at 12PM SLT, with yet another amazing installation: Ruins.

From the description:
‘Only the blackbirds and wildflowers remain to inhabit the ruins of the once active city, its brick edifices having collapsed to reveal the deserted worlds within’

Ruins - I

Ruins is, as typical for Cica’s work, wonderfully textured and you certainly should pay it a visit! Wander around, between the ruins and enjoy all the little details, the flowers and birds!

For my pictures I have used the region windlight, as this is specially designed for this sim and adds to the experience..and what can I say…it’s best to go see it in the pixel, it will not be disappointing!

Ruins - II
Ruins - III
The first three pics in this post are not post processed, the following two are ‘photoshopped’ – because I liked playing with them!

Ruins - IV

Ruins - V


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Geo Meek says:

    May I share a short video capture of this build Please :-)

  2. Geo Meek says:

    Wonderful Build indeed Thank you for caring to share

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