Tillicum Island

Tillicum Island is one of those gorgeous places you could spend all day. I spent some hours exploring and just sitting on the beach, enjoying the view and zooming around – discovering all kinds of lovely details and secluded spots.

Tillicum Island - II

It is owned by Scott Yedmore (scott1.yedmore) and as he stated in the group description he has built it with Second Life Photographers in mind ‘do not forget to bring your camera’, but of course you can also just enjoy it without taking pictures and hang out with friends!

Tillicum Island - I

A place you should visit, often, Tillicum Island!

Tillicum Island - III

Tillicum Island


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  1. Da buttons broked. It will only let me like this once.. –.–

    1. Oh ….I will send some nasty complaints to WordPress! :P
      /me waves to Cao!

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