Ah yes, my inventory…

As I blogged the other day, I had some serious issues with my inventory. Well issues: it was all gone. But only in the LL Viewer, my preferred viewer, so after I filed a ticket for help, I downloaded Singularity first and all went well in that one – inventory and everything complete – but I could not get used to the oldskool look of their UI. A personal thing, Singularity is not at all bad.
On Becky’s suggestion I tried Alchemy Viewer, totally new to me, and to my delight it looks and feels and works exactly like the LL Viewer (okay, some minor things are different, like the colours of the UI) so I felt comfortable enough to use that as long as LL was working on my problems.

I got some replies, mainly with questions to perform actions which I could not do, because: NO INVENTORY, such as “please try to empty your trash’ or ‘give us a list of the names of the missing object(s)’…Argh! Headdesk much?
I kept my cool though and replied with several screenshot, explained again and again, and well..waited.

Extra-long-weekend-Wine O'Clock! Cheers!
..might as well have a wine while waiting!

Till last night I read Inara Pey’s blog on SL Project updates and then I saw my issues:
Apparently the disabling of HTTP Textures triggers the inventory to not load while one is on RC server and in LL Viewer, and my home on mainland happens to be on RC Magnum.
Also, there was a bug which made your trash return after emptying – also on the RC servers – something I experienced lately but kind of shrugged off as ‘Oh, I thought I emptied my trash, but it seems I didn’t…’.

I decided to wait till after the 1st of April and not try LL viewer, because that day LL would perform the maintenance, so this morning I was ready for it. To be sure I logged in into Pooley, and not my home, and all was empty. I checked the HTTP textures and indeed I had somehow, at some point (I have NO idea) disabled that. So, I ticked it and relogged and …..: there I was. Butt naked on the bottom of the sea in Pooley, while my precious inventory was loading slowly but surely, in the LL Viewer!

Hiding in the attic...
…and hide the Easter Eggs for the weekend…

Ergo, it seems to be fixed! Not really thanks to LL support, alas,…I wished they would have come with the idea of me being in RC Magnum (it shows on several screenshots I provided) and the HTTP Textures disabling causing all this, surely I cannot be the only one with this?

Anyway, I am happy and have closed the ticket and I wish you all a wonderful and cheerful Easter Weekend!


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  1. owldragonash says:

    yay So glad you figured it out! Iam sure your happier : )

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