Balloons- by Cica Ghost

The lovely and talented Cica Ghost is certainly one of SL’s most productive artists. In March she let us all enjoy her installation ‘Ruins’ about which I blogged here, and since a few days ago The Ruins made way for a brand new, wonderful and whimsical work ‘Balloons’.

Balloons by Cica Ghost - I

Characteristic use of Cica’s sunflowers and rusty grass, a somewhat desolated place with as centerpiece a row of skyscrapers which seem to bend in the wind, surrounded by clouds of dust. Allover the place you will encounter, moving!, figures who are after their beloved balloons.

Balloons by Cica Ghost - III

A delightful location to sit and watch the balloons and giants pass by, or walk around and be amazed. Just lovely!
Balloons by Cica Ghost - II


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