City Inside Out – by Haveit Neox

Opened on 26 march, but I got to explore it last night for the first time, is a marvelous art installation by Haveit Neox on LEA20, called: City Inside Out.
It will be open till 30 June, so plenty of time to re-visit or go see it for the first time! Typical of Haveit’s work, this too is a complete city – but different!

City Inside Out - I
City Inside Out

City Inside Out - II
City Inside Out


City Inside Out has a story, which you can read here on Haveits website or in the notecard which is offered next to the landingpoint, and it is most certainly worth a visit. Yes,I could copy/paste the story, or tell it in my own words, but I always like to experience artworks like this with a blank mind and make of it what I see and feel, it is how I personally enjoy art the best way.
If you go visit this City, make sure you take the time to walk around and explore, there is so much to see!

I have always enjoyed previous works from Haveit, his amazing Poseidon Abyss on the Fantasy Faire this year still fresh in my memory, and this piece is as wonderful as his other works.


Fantasy Faire 2015 - Poseidons Abyss - III
Poseidons Abyss @ Fantasy Faire 2015


City Inside Out - III
City Inside Out

The pictures I took for this blogpost, of City Inside Out, are all made in the region windlight setting, it was perfect as it is – giving it a sandy, windblown, desert(ed) feeling, adding so much to the overall feel and experience.

On another note, I am still finding the best sizes for images in this new blog lay-out and even though I am using the recommended sizes – I do find the featured (header) images not always look right – heavily depending on the size of the monitor one uses. Maybe there is no ‘one size fits all’ and I may just have to deal with the fact it looks odd on my wide-screen and fine on my laptop….but I will keep trying to find the best way!
(Besides that, all my images are in high resolution on my Flickr stream)



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