The Endless Season

The Endless Season is one of those places that make you feel at home immediately and you do not want to leave! Well, that was what I felt when I went exploring this rural, lush place. Surrounded by mountains (off sim) and water, The Endless Season is a superb and detailed decorated land – with many spots to hang out, chill and sit to absorb the ambiance.

The Endless Season - I
You are presented, upon landing,  a notecard with some very basic, and normal, rules such as : no sex (even if some of the available furniture may be adult, the sim is Moderate) allowed and no griefing.
Also, and this is generous, the owner of The Endless Season, Hezekiah Jouvenet, explains that due to prim limits building is disabled but if one needs to rezz props for photography, just IM him and he will help you!
The Endless Season - III

I am sure this place is a great location for photographers, but also for explorers and people in need of a quiet place with wonderful views. Yeah, you should go visit it!
The Endless Season - II


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  1. your work is always so stunning!

    1. And you are always so kind! <3

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