Caity 3.0

When it comes to mesh body-parts I am not the fastest on the trends…With clothes and shoes and other accessories I have always loved new stuff from the beginning, but somehow avatar parts take me longer.

So, after I am now used to wearing a mesh body (TMP) for nude occassions and pics – I still have not bothered to try to get clothes on it…- I read tons of blogs, looked at hundreds of pics and read many threads on: mesh heads.
In the beginning, when the mesh heads arrived in SL, I was almost sure I would never take one. Thinking, initially, I am too attached to my avatars face and I was afraid I would not be Caity anymore?
Was it the fear of ‘not being unique’ anymore or the familiar feeling I have when I see Caity, after all those years? I guess a bit of both.

Then, last week, I read Auryn’s blogpost on meshheads and ‘being normal’ or ‘being unique’ and for some reason her post made me go over to Lelutka and get a mesh head.
I stood in the shop and was actually quite fast in deciding which one I liked best, the ‘Ever’. Mainly because she looked the least unhappy of them all. No really. Why do all the mesh heads have such a serious (at best) or grumpy (at worst) facial expression? I don’t need to walk around with a perpetual big smile, but a bit more cheerful wouldn’t hurt, right?

Caity 3.0 - II

OK. So I got the head (2.500 LS,  ouch) and the skin applier for my skin, Glam Affair Petal 07 (800 LS, more ouch) and home I went.
Now, my first reaction was: OMG. No. No. No!!!!

But I kept it on and went out to make some pics and in the right wind-light and some shadows, I had to admit it looks amazingly flawless. I managed to match the skin of my ears and fiddled with the make-up and…mmmm…I may get used to this look.
In fact, as odd as it may be, the more I look at these portraits, the more I sort of see Caity in it. But then Caity 3.0.

Give me a reason

I will keep wearing the head, not just for pics, for some days – I promised myself to take the time to get used to it, so I will see if it ‘grows’ on me, which might happen..specially now Lelutka also released awesome hair for this head!
She used to be a sweetheart

Editted to add: while preparing and writing this blogpost, Strawberry did the same on these heads on her blog – showing two other heads and sharing her – almost the same as mine – thoughts about ‘living with a mesh-head’. Seeing her pics, I got less and less convinced we look like clones, as it shows (besides the fact she uses other models) we do keep our own style and with so many skin-tones, make-ups and hair (colours) there is enough difference to not be afraid to meet your exact twin on every streetcorner.


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  1. I have resisted mesh heads as well, though I love my mesh body. But most of them have a ‘pinched’ look that I hate. I’ve seen a few new ones and that seems to be getting better. I do love how well they photograph – kudos on taking the plunge and making the change!

    1. Thank you for commenting Kat, and the compliments :) I am still getting used to it and errm…last night I went out dancing with my old head, which I still like too!

  2. riyadarkmore says:

    Wow! This work is amazing.

    1. Thank you Riya :)

  3. Leonorah Beverly says:

    Your new avatar is awesome, the pictures as well …… but …, but …. I MISS THE “OLD” CAITHY! (call me old-fashioned)

    1. Aww, Leo..I am still the old Caity, she sits somewhere inside all those meshy pixels ! And nah not old fashioned, I felt/feel the same way :)

  4. I’m looking into mesh heads now after reading your post, but I find them very difficult. Like you wrote – why do they look so unhappy? And can we make them smile at all? Or do they just have that goffy open-mouth look?
    I try EVER, and no, Bine does not look like Caity, but I try KARIN, and suddenly Bine looks just like Canary Beck. That I do not like.
    I’m still in the wind and hanging on to my L$2500 for a bit longer. :-))

    1. Hi Biné!
      The Lelutka head have no options for facial expressions, that is something I would love to see – who knows in a future update…
      You may want to ask Becky (Canary), she is wearing another brand (I forgot the name) and hers has options to smile and all, and i’ve seen other people wearing it – not looking like Becky’s clone :).

      1. Thanks Caity. I’ll ask Becky, and test some more. I’m sure mesh heads are the future :o))

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