Tuck’s Misty Isles

A while ago I was on Tuck’s Mistly Isles, for some photoshoots, and promised myself to come back and blog about this magical place. This morning I remembered, when going through some older pictures and decided to hope over and take the time.

Tucks Misty Isles - III

Tuck’s Misty Isles is a place to explore, to dance, to fish and as the land description tells you:

‘On a remote island lie the ruins of ancient civilizations overgrown with forest. It is now home to fae, pixies, elves, mers, nymphs, and others.  A place for contemplation and healing. ‘

I could not have said it better! Being some sort of an elf myself at times, I love places like this to wander around and take pictures. But, no worries: humans are welcome too!
Tucks Misty Isles - II

You can either just walk and explore or use the teleporter, in the arch, upon arrival to travel to places of your choice. Have fun!
Tucks Misty Isles - I


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