Happy 2nd Anniversary to Binemist!

Yesterday, 18 may, it was exactly two years ago that Biné Rodenberger took over the sim she loved so much, Mystical Falls, and created her own virtual world, naming it: Binemist.

I have, and still do, loved this place so much, with the changing scenery, the lovely way of decorating and landscaping and also the generosity of Biné to keep rezzing open – making it the perfect place for photoshoots with props, and being it an Adult rated region, it is very suitable for pics that require some nudity – being it art or fashion – without being afraid to get hit on by someone looking for..ahem…other kinds of adult action,  or getting warned for dropping your panties for a moment.

Snow, Horses and Woman
‘Snow, Horses and Woman’ by Bine Rodenberger on Flickr

Binémist has been featured on my blog a few times and often in my pics on Flickr, a place to return to often – if not for the scenery than for saying ‘hi’ to Biné, who so generously opened her place for the public.

Thank you Biné, for allowing us all in your piece of the virtual world of Second Life and making it such a welcoming, beautiful haven! Congratulations on the 2nd anniversary and cheers to many, many more!

Biné wrote a sweet post with the 2 years history, in pictures and words, on her own blog here!

Binemist Has Re-Opened III
Binemist re-opened, september 2014 by Biné Rodenberger on Flickr

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Binemist group on Flickr

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  1. Thank you Cait. I’m so happy you like Binemist :-))

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