Ego – Being your own Muse

Ego – Being your own Muse‘ is a small exposition, in the CKB Art Gallery. It opened last Saturday and since I was unable to attend the opening, I went to visit it today. The exposition, as the name suggests, features works of various SL photographers with as main topic their own avatar.

Each artist has 7 works on display, and it is really nice to see all the differences. One of the artists I was eager to go see the works of is my dear friend Coobs (Coober.Galicia) who has his very first exposition in SL! He created, and I knew he was working on them but had not seen any of it, seven new works specially for this exposition and they are wonderful.

Coober's Exposition @CKB Art Gallery
Coober’s exposition

A few booths away from Coober’s work you will find the works of fellow blogger and artist, the  lovely and talented  Owl (Owl.Dragonash)!

Be your own muse - II
Owl’s exposition

The set up of the exposition is sweet and almost cute, of course I found it a plus that Coobs has tulips in his booth while Owl has free wine and an owl sitting on the wall! Well done and congratulations to both Owl and Coobs on their works!


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  1. owldragonash says:

    yay So glad you made it by Cait : )) Thank you !

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