Caity 3.0 – A follow up

Now that I have worn my mesh head for over a week – exclusively – I had have plenty of time to figure out appliers for make-up and skin and got some other colours of the hair that Lelutka released as well and thought it would be nice to show off how I look nowadays.
Also, I dare say I will keep wearing this head, because I really love it. Yes, I would like to see her a tad less seriously looking, but who knows what future updates have in store…
The serious look is actually the only thing I would love to change, but it is not annoying enough for me to write off the head.
So, I found some make-up from Jumo, on MP – here is a link – in all kind of vibrant colours, and the appliers work so easy (why was I so afraid of all this!?), I am having way too much fun dressing myself up and combine wild colours. In a way, perhaps my whole style is currently changing, which is fun to realise as well.

Just a face in the crowd

I’ve made some portraits this past week, and it is fun to see how different it looks compared to a week ago – in this first blogpost on Caity 3.0 – when I wore just the skin applier, no extra’s and Argrace hair. In this post I wear the same head (Lelutka Undivided – Ever) and the same skin (Glam Affair – Petal), but with Lelutka hair Cassie and Ciara and the make-ups from Jumo as mentioned.


Yes, this look is here to stay!

Caity 3.0 - A follow up blogpost - II
Do I look like Madonna?

Edited to add: All pics in this blog-post are hardly post processed. I have no Photoshop on my new computer, the only thing I added to these pics is the blur/soft edges using the free software from PicMonkey. No post processing on the avatar, the face you what I see.

10 Comments Add yours

  1. sisch/Leyla says:

    I love your new looks! The crispness of the textures is just too stunning to not fall in love with it. I’m totally addicted to my new me too, won’t take it off!

    1. Thank you Sisch! And yes, the crispness and flawelessness is gorgeous!

  2. owldragonash says:

    A young Madonna yes : ) and beautiful I really love your new look!

    1. Haha, thanks Owl..I thought I was the only one seeing an 80’s – 90’s Madonna :P.

  3. colleen Criss says:

    You are stunning !

    1. Thank you Colleen, you’re always so kind :))

  4. Becky says:

    Great shots and it’s really wonderful to hear that you’ve settled into your new look so nicely. I too am feeling really good about my changes (probably less dramatic than yours – but still after two years with the same look – it’s all in the eye of the beholder, right?). I am loving the variety in your photos and how positive you’re sounding about the change, despite having natural reservations before making it. :) Three cheers for open minds!

    1. Thanks Becky! Yes, I am convinced this head will stay on for a while (have not taken it off since the weekend!), who would have thunk!
      I noticed your changed look last night, but didn’t manage to make a decent picture of you (the blur….meh). I may IM you soon, I would love to do a portrait of you!
      I am loving all the colourful make-ups, one thing I noticed to my delight that lipsticks now fit. On my ‘old face’ they would never fit right, as my mouth was too wide and I never wanted to change the shape of my face for it. The mouth though, still being the only thing I would like to see more cheerful.

      1. Becky says:

        A portrait would be wonderful! You know I’m up for it whenever you are :)

  5. Rubilyn says:

    Very helpful reviews and great pictures! Well done, Caitlin :))

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