Lost Dream

Lost Dreams, or Les Reves Perdu as it is also called, is a delightful place and lovely to spend some hours exploring, taking pictures and enjoying the playful decorations and landscaping. Not sure where the name comes from, or refers to as this place is certainly not a lost dream!

I started in a Skydome, filled with art from Cica Ghost and Mistero Hifeng and after an unfortunate misstep I fell down…ahem, which turned out not so unfortunate at all, because I landed in a whole different, gorgeous world!

Lost Dreams - IV

Lost Dreams - II

There are ruins, ponds with magical lights and plants and: a windmill. It has some great panoramic views and lots of details, a perfect place to relax and get all zen. And take pictures!
Lost Dreams - I


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  1. m4gical says:

    This looks absolutely gorgeous!

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