Crestwick Island, have a seat in this sleepy town…

Thanks to the (as always!) gorgeous pictures by Skip Staheli on Facebook and his Flickr, I ended up in Crestwick Island today. A small, sleepy, working class town surrounded by the sea and mountains.

Crestwick Island has a great atmosphere and it really felt like I was doing some shopping on a day off, while the rest of the neighbours had commuted to work early in the morning. A perfect place to wander around, windowshopping or just have a seat on one of the benches and ponder the meaning of life. Or something.

Crestiwick Island - I
Upon arrival you are offered a note card with some rules, which you may want to read. I found this rule one of the best I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot in my travels!), copied from the note:

“General behavior: Keep in mind that we like the atmosphere of a town. Try not to stand in the streets too much or hover over things, there are sidewalks for a reason. We have tried to create a photogenic environment and we ask that you respect artists attempting to shoot. In addition, please use the various seating options for brief afk’s. No extended afk’s please, we are a homestead and have limited avatar slots.”


Crestwick Island - III
You really want to visit this lovely place and discover all there is, as my pictures do not cover it all!

Crestwick Island - II
Note: some of the images in this blog-post are slightly post-processed, because of the ambiance I wanted to emphasis I used a ‘Polaroid’ filter in PicMonkey.


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