SL12B – so many interviews, so little time!

The past week I have attended all the interviews with the Lindens in the Dreamitarium, and enjoyed them all.
Of course, there was not just the talks with the Lindens – although they were for most perhaps the main attraction, but there was more!

SL12B, Drax and Saffia talk to Danger and Troy Linden
Drax and Saffia talk to Danger Linden and Troy Linden

I’ve attended the presentation of show horses by Honey Heart, something I have never really gotten into and it was lovely to hear the passion and enthusiasm about this hobby in Second Life, and the horses looked great too!

SL12B - Honey Hearts showhorses
Honey Heart’s show horses

The comedy-sketches by Catboy Qunhua and Thinkerer Melville were a delight to see and listen too, no doubt it is very hard to perform such sketches when one gets not audible feedback from the audience, but I am sure everyone enjoyed it very much!

Sl12B  - Catboy Qunhua and Thinkerer Melville
Catboy Qunhua (l) and Thinkerer Melville (r)

Also wonderful was the interview with Froukje Hoorenbeek (Dutchie), who told all about her work and her designs, at some point it was even a tad emotional when she brought up the late Sylva Petrov, who recently passed away in RL  and from who Froukje uses a lot of animations in her furniture.

SL12B - Froukje and Saffia
Saffia interviews Froukje

All in all, all kinds of great shows and talks and in between I did a pod-tour, which I can recommend as it is a great way to explore the regions!

If you want to read more indepth report and articles from the interviews, I suggest to catch up on these blogs:
Canary Beck – Imagining the Impossible
Inara Pey – Living in a Modemworld

Oh, and I made a short clip!

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